Thursday, June 25, 2015

Where do these wires go.....?

I think they were unplugged when I took the console out.


Friday, June 19, 2015

I decided to make my own rear seat brackets....

At $22 each plus shipping I was looking at over $100....That is just ridiculous, I know Vette parts are high but when I can make them for just about nothing but my labor I will do just that.

I got all the parts cut out tonight...Tony from FlexFab gave me the steel tube and flat plate for free....Now I just have to weld  and drill them.

Here they are after welding, drilling and painting them. I also taped off the leather and foam and painted the bottom of the seat.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

New shifter boot...

Word of advice...Don't try to open up the clips on the drivers side on the bottom of the boot that hooks under the body.....They break easy. The fit is still good and tight even with one clip broke


Monday, June 15, 2015

Working on the seats....

I need (4) new rear brackets and (2) pivot screws for the passenger seats.


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I fixed the wobbly drivers side mirror.....

Someone had tired to get the screws out of the old mounting plate and just rounded the holes out....I was given a new mounting plate and gasket so I decided to see if I could get them out....No luck with anything I tried so I set in and drilled them out.....There was enough of the screws left to get a pair of vise grips on and I got one screw out that way....The other one wouldn't budge so I ended up drilling it out. I used a sheet metal screw it that hole and it held very well. I'll get back on the inside this weekend....Just not enough room in the garage.


Saturday, June 6, 2015

The floor is clean and the transmission tunnel is insulated.....

Cleaning years of dirt, grime and glue was a bitch....I found one assembly marking....I figure getting the center console back in and looking like it's supposed to will be the hardest part of this whole process.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Got the center console out....

Most of the interior is out...Center console wasn't bad but the nuts that hold it to the gauge housing were missing and the plastic hole were broken as well.  See pics below. On the upside I did get a newer center console that still has the holes intact so I will be it back in. Boot on the shifter is shot and there was almost no padding under the console....I have to figure out how much stuff I need to remove from the transmission tunnel in order to re-insulate it. I did get all the seat and belt bolt holes fixed tonight...I'll need to make a trip to the hardware store tomorrow to get some new bolts for the seats....All the belt bolts were in good shape.

Old center console with the bolt holes broken out.....

Here are some more pics of the interior....

Interior work....

I got a set of seat belts off eBay from a late 90's Camaro to replace the belts that were not long enough in the Vette. I had to pull the seats and the old belts out and most of the bolts came out OK...I few were rusted but none stripped. I need to make a trip to the hardware store for some more seat blots...The ones for the belts all came out nice. While I have that much of the interior out I decided to go ahead and put some insulating underlayment it.....It was one hot bitch on the drive while getting it home. After lots of research I decided to go the cheap route and get the Reflectix from Lowes.....$23 for enough to do 2 cars. I had to pull the kick panels and the passenger side looked better than the drivers.