Saturday, April 21, 2018

First test drive since all the winter work....

Pulled her out of the shop today for a test spin....The carb was still leaking....Tightened up the fittings just a little more and no leak. It ran fine and the rockers are not clicking at all. I'll take her for another spin next Saturday to see if the new valve seals have stopped the smoking. I took a couple pics after she was back in the driveway.


Friday, April 13, 2018

Finally got my winter projects finished up....

Well close anyway....It took some trial and error to find valve seals that fit....I bought some adjustable ones that fit good...Time will tell if these will fix the smoking on start-up. I put a set of Fel-Pro 1628 valve cover gaskets on to replace the leaky cork gaskets that were on it. The old cover bolts were too short and finding longer ones was harder than I thought it would be. I needed 1/4-20 1 1/8" long flange bolts with 3/8 hex heads. I didn't want to use the serrated ones and most of them have a 9/16" flair dia....Well guess what I found that worked perfectly....? Good old Briggs 5hp side cover bolts.

Got the rubber fuel line replaced with the proper steel one....I didn't go with stainless and so far it doesn't leak....But I have only cranked the motor over to bring the gas back to the carb.