Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I worked on the drivers side kick plate body mount....

It looked great for a 44 year old C3....I vacuumed it out and painted it tonight....When I removed the sill plate to take a look at the body mount I noticed some of the screws were loose so I added the plastic inserts that you put into sheetrock to hang pictures with and they worked like a charm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Animal motor, starter and clutch for sale.....

Selling off the last bit of our racing equipment. This is a Southern Express Stock Animal engine,very strong proven winner. We quit racing and hung on to this but decided to let it go... It had about 4-5 races on it when we stopped in august 2012... Video of the last race it ran...I'm on the black  #68.

Also included is a 3 disk bully clutch set up for stock animal, rebuilt by Buller, with just about 6-8 races... Comes with 6-8 bully and tomar drivers... Can get exact numbers if needed....There may be more will also throw in with package for the right price if picked up in person.

Burris mini light starter with gel battery.

Misc air filters as well.

All for $1000, will only separate If engine sells first.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

My 72.....

It's been a Georgia car all it's life....I'm only the 4th owner and two of those were in 2015.  I haven't looked real good for the numbers on the block but it appears to have none....I know the motor was rebuilt or replaced with a short block because it was slinging oil BAD so the 2nd owner who owned it from 1977 to 2014 had it done.....I will have to check the date code on the block to see if maybe it was decked and the numbers removed which may mean that it's matching numbers but no way to prove it....It's just a driver so it really doesn't matter anyway.

It's a '72  350 4 speed with AC....Repainted black and it's a 20 footer and that is being kind to it.....Looks great in the pics though.  It's not quite a bubba mobile... Still looks pretty stock under the hood besides the LT1 type valve covers....I don't think the AC works I'm not even sure how to turn it on. Belt is still on it so I know the clutch on the compressor it's locked up. No tilt steering wheel but does have power steering.  Roll up windows, no rust on the frame....The body mounts behind the kick panels looked good....I haven't pulled the inside window trim yet....It's looks pretty good from outside the glass. It needs carpet but the dash, door panels and seats are in pretty good shape.

I know it needs a new snubber bushing on the differential because it makes a "Clunk" sound when shifting gears....It sounds much like a uv joint going out on an old chevy truck. I can stick my pinky finger between the bushing and the frame....I have one on order already. I will have to have the trailing arms rebuilt at some point they make a slight grinding noise when making a slow turn like into a driveway....I knew about these issues before buying it.

There is another story about me missing buying this same car Saturday before last by 20 minutes...I ended up getting it for $1700 less because I guess the guy that just flipped it is a much better negotiator than I am....I was going to pay full asking price....I'll tell the rest of the story sometime.

Other than the clunk it made the 75 mile drive home with no issues at all.

I figure by the time I get the AC fixed, the rear end gone thru and some other little things that will take more labor than cash I will be about $15,000 into it..