Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Took the fuel filter out today....

It was past filthy...It's a wonder it even ran at all....Lots of rust....I think the guy told me he had a new tank put it or atleast cleaned out....Hard to believe they wouldn't have also changed the filter but it looked like it hasn't been changed in years. Gasket was toast as well.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Maiden voyage and came home on a rollback.....?

Well it wasn't really it's first trip....I drove it about 25 miles right after I bought it....Then 75 miles home the next day....No problems.

The next 4 or 5 trips were only 5 or 6 mile test drives....No problems.

Finally got it ready for me and the lady to take it out for a nice drive....No problems on the way to the restaurant...15 miles or so. Fired right up for the return trip back home but about half way home it went dead as I pushed in the clutch at a red light.....Would not start back up....I may have patted the gas and flooded it but after taking the breather cover off it didn't smell like it was flooded.....Called for a wrecker and tried several times the next 20 min to crank it and no luck....Wrecker driver did a fantastic job loading and unloading it....After he dropped it in the driveway I got in it and held the pedal to the floor (wife's advice--damn I got a good one) it fired up....Lot's of what they said looked like black smoke and it was still smoking black a little when I backed it into the garage.

New temp gauge read 190 for the whole drive....At the red light when it wouldn't start it read 200. It has gas and I just changed the oil yesterday. I have not done any carb work including changing the fuel filter.

I must have had 10 different folks ask if they could help...I live in a good town.

It looked nice before we took off....It had its first bath today.